London Life

Londonopolis operates in an immersive world where people ultimately relate with millions of other people around the globe.  People visit London to buy goods; in virtual London (Londonopolis™) you can purchase luxury items ‘virtually’ and even have them delivered to your own door in real life.  People also visit virtual London as a prelude to the real thing. They come for advise about where to go and what to do there, and to meet real Londoners ho are already living and working in London.  As a social environment you can meet new people and chat with old friends. Entertainment is always ‘hot’ in virtual worlds, so we have plenty of it on offer; such as our famous retro style ‘Underground Club’.  The virtual London project is an example of our extensive ability to bring popular realistic environments into virtual worlds.  These ‘London’ regions provide community and brand presence together. People in immersive social networks such as these are fully engaged. They share emotions, interact with one another, have relationships, communicate desires and needs, and discuss loves and hates. Static web pages cannot offer this.  Londonopolis operates within the Second Life® and now under construction, the Avination platforms.

YouTube videos of Londonopolis™

(Most of these videos have been made by happy people having fun in Virtual London)

Metaverse Inworld Review

Bimbos in Hyde Park

Second Life Mens Clothing SG Dendi tank top

Ed Clarity

Debs Regent

I like London 1

I like London 2

Remembering inSL London

Virtually London – SL in HD

The Spy Who Lives Here

Urchin – A London Vignette

SL London Underground System

Platonic Love

London in Second Life

Gina Gracemount

London Sim Second Life

Best Place Guide in SL

London Hyde Park Second Life

Thriller Dance in London

Penguins in Hyde Park

The Greyhound Showstoppers –Sex Bomb

The Greyhound Opening Night with Bronze

BlakOpal at Virtual London Fashion Week in SL

BlakOpal @ VLFW

Robot by The Real Mr Smith

Halloween Ghost Hunt Info

Coach & Horses Dance Night

Money Program

Coach & Horses SL by Wills

Wills Sexy Brits Opening Night

Helvis Opening of Sexy Brits

Helvis @ Sexy Brits – Santa’s coming in a pickup truck

Guy Fawkes in Hyde Park

VL London Style

VL London Style (Northcliffe House Edition)

The ‘real’ Richard Branson – response to advert

Gena Dry – Maria Gratchvogel Interview

Telephone – filmed @ The Green Man

Linkin Park Tribute in London

Welcome to London – Trolling Time

Visiting London inSL

Second Life London Xmas Church

Startrek in London

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